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  • GigaPets Floppy Frog Boxed

    GigaPets GigaPets Floppy Frog Electronic Virtual Pet Toy

    GigaPets Floppy Frog Electronic Virtual Pet Toy Make your virtual pet dreams come true with GigaPets Floppy Frog! This electronic virtual pet is a collector’s edition and will have you filled with excitement and hours of fun and entertainment. Take your Floppy Frog everywhere, name it, care for it & evolve it. Product Details Age - 5 Year Plus New Version - Features 4 Main Evolutions, 1 Secret Evolution, And 9 Mini Games! Totally Upgraded - Loaded With Brand New Games And Animations The New Floppy Frog Is An Upgrade Take On The Original Game! This Modern Version Features a Full Set Of Sound Effects, a Tinted Translucent Housing Shell, a Low Battery Warning, Reusable Packaging, And 5 Evolutions. Tons Of Activities -  Feed Your Frog Bugs, Play 9 Different Games, Take Them To The Vet, Teach Them Tricks, And More! The More You Care For Them The Greater They Will Grow!


  • Mario Kart R/C Racer

    Super Mario Bros The Super Marios Bros Movie | Mario Rumble R/C Kart Racer Toy

    The Super Marios Bros Movie | Mario Rumble R/C Kart Racer Toy Race around on your own Mario Rumble R/C Kart Racer Toy! The Super Mario Bros Movie experience comes to life with this remote controlled car, allowing you to race around with Mario at a 30M radius. Get ready to have a blast and show off your speed and agility! Product Details: Age - 3 Years Plus  2.4GHz R/C - 100FT Marios Head & Hands Move When The Vehicles Turn Real Life Sounds - Tail Pipes Light & Rumble Just Like The Movie Requires 8 AA Batteries (Not Included)


  • Gigapets Starcat & Compukitty

    GigaPets GigaPets StarCat & Compukitty 2 In 1 Electronic Pet

    GigaPets StarCat & Compukitty 2 In 1 Electronic Pet Introducing GigaPets StarCat & Compukitty – the purrfect way to find a furry friend! For starters, you get the best of both worlds with two pets in one. And there'll be no confusion when it comes to their names – you get to name them yourself! With this amazing electronic pal, your days will be so much better. You can play games and tame your pet at the same time! So what are you waiting for? Get your GigaPets StarCat & Compukitty today! Product Details Age - 5 Years Plus  2 Pets In 1 Device -  In this twist on the nostalgic 90s hit virtual pet toy, users have the option to play with the original CompuKitty or the new, magical StarCat Tons Of Activities - Feed your pets, play 4 different games, take them to the vet, teach them tricks, and more! The more you care for them the more they will grow. Do a great job and you might even unlock a secret evolution!


  • Gigapets Pixie

    GigaPets GigaPets Pixie Electronic Toy | Translucent Glitter Green

    GigaPets Pixie Electronic Toy | Translucent Glitter Green GigaPets Pixie Translucent Glitter Green: Collectors Box Edition The GigaPets Pixie is the most advanced GigaPet ever! classic hit toy in new pixie form– The nostalgic virtual pet toys from the 90s are back and now include the Pixies which are jam-packed with more content than ever before. 8 different evolutions. There are 8 different forms of your very own pixie for you to interact and play with. The choices you make will impact which pixies you meet! 4 Mini Games – The GigaPets Pixie includes 4 mini games which get progressively harder as your pixie evolves. In the games, you will defend the forest, catch fish, dive through hoops, and help your pixie out of a winding maze. Craft Potions – The Pixie sets itself apart from all other GigaPets with the introduction of magic! Collect elements by playing games and casting weather spells. Then, combine those elements together to create potions which will boost your pixie’s stats and influence their evolution path. comes in 3 great designs – The Pixie generation of GigaPets comes in 3 color variations. Each has super flexible wings and comes with a keychain, so that you can take your pixie anywhere you go. Product Details: Age - 5 Years Plus



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