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Shopping Online Has Transformed The Way We Do Everything From Buying Our Groceries To That Special Rare To Find Gift. We Have Millions Of Results And Options  At The Click Off Our Finger Tips. But With So Much Out There To Choose From Making The Right Decision Can Be Difficult. That Is Why We Have Introduced The Shop First Rewards Program Which Rewards Our Customers For Shopping With Us. We Have Rewards For Help Off Your Next Purchase Or Build Your Points To Help Out With Christmas Shopping Or Birthdays. 
How To Earn Points?
  • For Every £1 Spent On Shop First You Will Receive 10 Points In Your Rewards Wallet. No Account Needed And Points Can Be Collected & Redeemed By Using Your Email.
  • For Every 100 Points Collected You Get £1 Off Your Next Purchase. 
  • Example; You Make A Purchase For A Total Basket Price Of £40. You Will Earn 400 Points Which Will Be Credited To Your Wallet. You Come Back At A Later Date And Want To Purchase Another Item For £24. You Can Redeem Your 400 Points From Your First Purchase For £4 Off Giving You A £4 Saving.
  • Refer A Friend To Make A Purchase On The Website And Earn Instant Points Boost To Your Wallet (Coming Soon)


Q. Can I Earn Points On Any Item Purchased?

A. Yes For Every £1 Spent On Any Item You Can Earn Points. There Is No Limit On The Amount Of Points You Can Receive.

Q. Have I Got To Spend My Points By A Certain Date?

A. No You Can Keep Your Points For As Long As The Program Is Live And Your Will Be Informed In 30 Days In Advance If The Program Was Ending.

Q. Can I Use All My Points On At Once?

 A. No We Only Allow You To Redeem Your Points Towards A Maximum Of 25% Of Your Total Basket Price. (Example; Basket Price Is £40 And You Have 3000 Points - £30, You Can Only Use 1000 Points - £10 Off This Transaction.)


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